Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fiddle while it burns

I anger easily these days. Every time I turn around there is another wound rent in our world. Our country is hemorrhaging. And we ignore it. I feel like a one-eyed man in our vast kingdom of the blind. Is nobody else watching this carnage? Can anyone taste the pain?
  • Louisiana Senator David Vitter, a vocal conservative advocate of the "sanctity of marriage" announced that he had previously employed the services of a Washington D.C. prostitution ring. Supposedly he had only received a "massage." Yeah. Sure. If by "massage" you mean, "furious humpity hump of a early-twenties silicon-infused hooker," then I believe you. To further develop the man's character, a former-brothel owner in New Orleans (Jeanette Maier) said Vitter had also frequented her establishment in the past.

    Vitter hustled into Congress after replacing former Bob Livingston. Livingston “abruptly resigned after disclosures of numerous affairs” in 1998. At the time, Vitter condemned extramarital infidelity and took a snipe at (then under attack) Bill Clinton by stating: “I think Livingston’s stepping down makes a very powerful argument that Clinton should resign as well and move beyond this mess.” [Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 12/20/98]

    So two questions: When is Vitter going to resign? And when he is going to be charged with soliciting a prostitute? Yes, yes. Rhetorical question. I know the cheating, hypocritical scamitician will never pay for his crimes. It still maddens me.

  • Alaskan Senator and "Bridge To Nowhere" architect, Ted Stevens openly admits he is worried a new Democratic probe will shed too much light on his shady past. This guy uses tax payer money to help renovate his mansion. This guy gives multi-million dollar deals to his hunting buddies. This guy is known to have "made a change that hid many of his assets," a couple of years back.

    So two questions: When is Stevens going to resign? And when is he going to be charged with tax evasion? I know, I know. More rhetorical questions. More fuel for the fires.

  • Republican Senator Rick Santorum gives us blatant, unfettered glimpse of how the GOP is planning to steal another election, in 2008: whipping the populace into a sheep-like stupor by playing on their fear after the GOP allows another attack to take place ON AMERICAN SOIL.

    So two questions: How is Rowe going to extra revenge on Santorum for revealing the Sith Lord's diabolic plans for 2008? And why is the mass media not reporting on the fact that a ranking Republican Senator is openly inviting another mass terror attack on fellow Americans, with the sole purpose of recapturing control our government?

Instead of trying to right the wrongs our "elected officials" have wrought since 9/11, we countdown the days until the release of Paris Hilton.

Instead of holding our leaders accountable for their lies and their deceptions and their crimes, we get in line for another Harry Potter movie.

Instead of realizing that there's another attack looming because our power-crazed politicians are openly orchestrating it, we tune in to another episode of Flip This House.

Rome is blazing. And the wide-eyed sheeple fiddle while it burns.

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