Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gray Nirvana

I'm fortunate that I make a living doing something I love. People pay me to make technology work for them. To fix what is broken. To upgrade what is old. To breathe new life into an old operation. For a digital junkie like me, it is Nirvana.

Went to Covington, LA, for some business. Making ends meeting. Usual stuff. Find a solution, make it work. Money is secondary to results.

Got distracted. Dragged into a long series of flashbacks. Glancing at the scars from the storm. Everyone in different stages of recovery. Most notably the trees. Actually, the stumps. So many stumps. Vacant slabs. Still-damaged, unlit houses. Almost two years after Katrina but people haven't pulled together the pieces of their lives. A quiet, beautiful community still sporting open wounds. Dragged me back to my own dark tales. All the pain and long days we fought through.

I'm happy to have the work. But now I'm in a cold gray Nirvana.

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