Thursday, July 05, 2007


We dropped the kids off at Gigi's and slipped into the night. Celebrated a day early. Our anniversary. Eleven years.

Went to Jia's. Wanted Thai food. And to get away from the house. From the kids. Dress up and walk through the crowds as a couple.

Sat at a booth and watched the hibachi grill. Lettuce wraps and pot stickers to start. Everything delicious and well prepared. Great service. Great atmosphere. That flatware we both love.

Unfortunately I slipped into Idiot Mode. While I was dying for beef pad thai, I zoned and ordered beef and broccoli. So when our plates arrived, I looked at my plate (loaded with (imagine this) beef and broccoli) and Cindy's plate (stacked with shrimp and pad thai noodles) and realized the scope of my mistake. You can't exactly send a plate back to the kitchen because you goofed your own order. So I finished what I had, but coveted Cindy's plate.

Afterwards, we met Don Murray (down from Rhode Island on business.) Navigated to the pool deck. To find the VIP section and await the fireworks. Since Biloxi was launching their own fireworks on the 4th, our casino waited until the 5th for their show. The Grucci brothers setup a barge and an array of launchers on the roof. We found a spot just in time. Nine minutes cost half a million dollars. It was spectacular. But a touch pricey.

Club Tikki wraped around us. Dancers and fireworks and music. Don talking about the uncertainty of his own future. Two years of own fresh history with the coast. We held hands and watched the show.

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