Thursday, August 28, 2008

FOOD: Pleasants in Ocean Springs

In my limited experience, it isn't often that you can order a barbecued "half-bird" and buy a set of used tires from the same place. But Pleasants in Ocean Springs, MS, is just such a place. A cramped, lightly decorated diner on one side, a tire shop on the other. We actually drove past it, twice, before we found it. It took a couple of phone calls to figure out we were circling it and missing the microscopic sign they have sitting at knee-height. The place must depend on word of mouth rather than any kind of advertising. And I think their street sign was only an afterthought.

Mike is the owner of Pleasants. He makes a mighty fine BBQ sauce. He cooks some impressive collard greens, too. I had a "half-bird" with some cornbread and a double-order of those collards.  All of it was very tasty and all of it was quickly consumed. And after we finished, Mike himself came out to sit with us and ask what we thought, where we were visiting from, and what we did for a living.

Great atmosphere. Great food. Good prices. It might not be good for a first date, but for hanging out with some friends and eating some delicious home cooking, I'm certainly going to find my way back to Pleasants.

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