Monday, August 25, 2008

Life After Fay

Odd night, apparently. I don't recall hearing any torrential downpours. Seemed like a normal night. And then the day breaks to reveal the depths of my apparent ignorance.

I woke up to find the front yard somewhat flooded along the edges. Not too many limbs down. Just some minor debris. Nothing worthy of a cleanup operation.No damage to the house. Not even a loose shingle. So other than a brief survey of the property,

On the way to work, the beach held some surprises for me. It looks like Fay did a number on Highway 90. A good portion of the beach covered the road. Some of the areas still had large stretches of standing water.It wasn't a dire situation, but I still kept both hands on the wheel. And kept a safe distance from other cars.

All in all, I think I slept through the worst of the storm. And life won't be any different after Fay.

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