Wednesday, August 13, 2008

See At Last

We were practicing sparring. Liam and I. Working on snapping off some front kicks to keep an opponent from getting too close. Meg was dancing. Jumping around the room. Singing her home brewed operas. Afraid of catching Liam's foot in the eye, I put my glasses on the sofa. Less than two feet away.

Meg had two feet of her own. She used them to spring off the Ottoman. Curled them behind her in mid-air. Curving backward like a slow crescent moon. And brought those pretty little feet down with her full air-born weight. Onto my innocent, unprotected glasses.

They were quickly and quietly destroyed. Not even Superglue could hold them together.

I yelled.

Meg cried.

Then we went back to sparring and dancing.

In the morning, I rolled to the Eyeglasses Warehouse. My prescription is so hardcore that the uninitiated put them on and can see through time. It takes years of practice to master them. And it takes a world class blacksmith to forge them. These days, few stores grind their own lenses. Down here, only EG does it. Since I (literally) couldn't survive without mine, I had to pay entirely out of pocket for new ones.

But they work. And I can see. See at last. See at last. Thank God Almighty, I can see at last!

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