Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Advanced Readers

Without fail, one of the high points of my day is talking to my wife and children when I get home from work. They always have something special to share.

Today, Cindy gave me one of the best surprises of the week. Meg (in first grade) had her reading level tested. She scored high enough to hit the third grade reading level. After a grand total of three weeks in first grade?

Then Liam shared the result of his tests with me. He's in third grade, but scored on the "8.6 grade" level. Now I don't know what ".6" actually means, but I translated it to mean: almost 9th grade level! That's six grades higher than his current one!

No matter how bad of a day I have at work, no matter how I'm feeling inside, no matter what chaos I have screaming behind my eyes, my kids hoist me up and remind me what's good in the world.

Let the storms rage. Let the last trump sound. As long as I have my little advanced readers, I'm content and I'm a happy man.

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