Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Olde House - Bathroom Window I

With Fay nipping at our heels, I replaced the window in the renovated bathroom. The old was ugly, hard to open, and, um, old. The new one is svelte, operates smoothly, and freshly minted in clean white vinyl.

Took out the old one, no problem. Would have done it sooner, but Lowe's ordered the wrong one. They ordered a window for a brick house. Not a window for a wood shingled house. So I had to wait a month for a replacement. Even then, the dimensions of the exterior hole are different than the dimensions of the interior hole. So I put in the new window, but there were gaps all over the place. Used some spray foam to fill in the cracks and make it as air tight as possible.

Once I had everything sealed, I fabricated the window sill with a jigsaw and a dozen measurements. Used spruce. Beautiful stuff. Used a couple of spruce one by threes to frame out the inside, completely concealing the gaps and the foam.

After nailing all the framing in place with my cordless finishing nailer, I spackled the holes and caulked the fine lines between the new wood frame I created and the drywall.

Just have to install a "stool" under the sill and then wait for Cindy to prime and paint it. Probably get a "treatment" to match the shower curtain. And then the window will be done.

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