Monday, September 01, 2008

And Afterwards

And afterwards, we're only a little worse for wear. Maybe four hours of punishment. Lost power for a micro second,  several dozen times. Lost cable for a micro second, several dozen times. Otherwise, the experience at my house was not unlike a severe thunderstorm. And the results were similar.

The front yard had some excess water, closer to the front of the house. Nothing unusual there. It will likely be gone by this time tomorrow. Some debris along the walkway, but it is small. The kind of stuff the kids can  collect.

Along the edge of my property, there's about two inches of water. Again, nothing I haven't seen before today. I think the neighbor has more debris in her yard than we do. On the corner is the remains of a fence of hers. It was flattened during Katrina. She never fixed it. Anyway, the water there will take a couple of days, but it will go soon enough, too.

My backyard did pretty well. Almost no debris and the flooding didn't  get too wonky. About six inches of water at the deepest point. It will run off by the time I have to mow it again.

As far as the Mississippi Gulf Coast goes, here are some of the bits I caught on the news:
  • Highway 90 (still under re-construction!) fell beneath two feet of seawater. It is officially closed until 5PM tomorrow, for cleanup.
  • The Gulfport Yacht Club had some significant degree of flooding.
  • Waveland lost power pretty early, upwards of 14000 people affected.
  • Long Beach lost power, too, but only for a few minutes.  
  • Biloxi had a 9' storm surge late in the game. Likely going to be a lot of cleanup as a result of that.
My money says I'm back to work by mid-day tomorrow. Business as usual. And we'll be on the lookout for the next storm.

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