Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Olde House - Hallway Trim Work

I finished the sheetrock and mud and paint in the hallway a while back. Now it is time to work on the trim work. I'm going to put in some 8 inch crown molding, 6 inch baseboards, and 8 inch corner pieces.

Of course, everything starts with a trip to Lowe's. And I had to drop several hundred bucks on material. None of which would fit in my truck. I had canter-lever the long boards out the window!

I bought the corner pieces in order to avoid having to cope the angles on every corner. I like to think I'm good at working with trim. I'm not good at coping angles, though. The one time I tried, it took a long time to produce very unimpressive results. Pre-fabricated corners install in minutes and look great.

I also plan on fixing a gap between the kitchen and the hallway. There used to be a useless door there. I removed it and opened up the whole area. But a weight bearing board still hangs down about a quarter of an inch below the rest of the sheet rock. So I bought a nice piece of wood normally used to separate gaps in floors and plan to use it to span the gap on the ceiling.

One or two days to install the trim. One or two days to spackle and sand. One day to paint. Then have to find some new lights and paint the ceiling.

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