Monday, September 22, 2008

MindSpring Revisited - Chris Miller

Trying to describe Chris Miller to somebody who doesn't already know him is like trying to describe Reggae music to a deaf person. He is one of the slipperiest characters since Keyser Söze and seems more likely to be found in a Hunter S Thompson novel than in one of my adventures. But I spent the better part of four years with him at MindSpring, being the coyote to his road runner. Looking back, it was more of a cartoon chase than a job. And every episode was funnier than the next.

I caught up with Chris, today. The phone had an odd ring when it connected. That was due to him being in Sweden. He was roaming the streets and trying to get directions to a meeting. Fortunately, between harassment of unexpecting Swedes, he had some good advice for me and we may end up meeting in Savannah next month. Miller hasn't changed in a decade. The only difference now is that he has some foreign coyotes to beep at.

For the curious, here is Chris' "Where Are They 'Springing Now" update in his own words:
  • How were you involved with MindSpring? Tech Support Desk
    Tech Support Mngr
    Call Centers Director
    Harrisburg Director
    Network Installer
    Network Planning Provisioning and Installations
    Dir Enterprise Systems Management
    Dir NOC
    VP NOC
  • What was one of your favorite adventures at MindSpring?
    Landing in H'burg and setting the H'burgers free from the wicked witch.
    Hiring masseuses for the Hburg holiday dinner in the dungeon to give half naked massages at the table to Charles, McQ and JonR
  • Share a memorable event from MindSpring?
    Charles singing at company meetings
    the back deck party we had
    'Spring events around the country
    McQ getting pied on the back deck
  • What is something other SpringHeads might not have known about you in those days?
    Hhm, I think it was pretty well all disclosed
  • Why did you part ways with MindSpring?
    I never did.  MindSpring parted from me when Gary Betty took over.
  • What are you up to these days?
    Social/Economic Entrepreneur
    - city branding
    - urban dev
    - econ dev
    - strategic foresight
    - technology consulting
    travel - Africa, Scandanavia, Europe
    sailing - E. Coast
  • Did you learn any lessons at MndSpring that you still carry with you?
    CVB's have been an integral part of all my for and non-profit endeavors since.  Also learned that results kick process in the ass everytime.

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deadmoon said...

Excellent to hear something from Mr. Miller! CVs&Bs rule!