Monday, September 01, 2008

Gustav's Landing

I didn't know he was upon us. No unusual wind. No strong rains. Almost quiet as Gustav began to roll across the Gulf Coast. If Cindy had not sent me a text message, I may have slept another hour.

Peeking outside, it looked as calm as it sounded. No flooding in the yard, not even along the far side of my property. No debris littering the driveway. My car hadn't floated away. And the street was surprisingly clear and completely free of looters.

Might as well fuel up and get ready for some hot recovery action. There will be trees to dice, widows to rescue, and orphans to shelter. At least that is what CNN leads me to believe. So, I grab a NOS and an energy bar. Breakfast of champions. Just me and Gustav. He's cleared for landing.

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