Monday, September 29, 2008

MOVIE: Lucky Number Slevin

I 'm sad that I missed this one at the theaters. Packed with big name stars. Lots of action. And most surprisingly, it was able to keep me from deciphering the twists until the very end.

Very good writing. Extremely light on theatrics and fast paced. The directing was great. Made very good use of the actors' various talents and didn't overly rely on special effects. Excellent storytelling qualities for a very modern story.

With the exception of the final scene with the protagonists, the acting was well done. Lived up to the billing. I especially enjoyed Lucy Liu's performance as the bouncy, quirky neighbor.

As noted there was a bit of a drag toward the last few minutes. A right proper ending, but a bit too long in the coming. It was like a long, slow motion car chase. A touch too lethargic compared to the rest of the film. But it wasn't disappointing by any stretch of the imagination.

Aside from my one quip with the ending, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Could make for a decent date flick, however my bride wouldn't have the stomach for it. Not something any kid should see without being in the late teens. Certainly worth the price of a rental.

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