Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Biloxi's Open For Business

Driving into the office, I noticed almost no damage worth mentioning. Only a lone, tattered Taco Bell sign littering Pass Road. Otherwise, Gustav was only marked by the surprising number of businesses that remained closed in its wake.

Then I noticed three reoccurring themes.
  • First, all major name brand stores (KMart, Burger King, Shell stations, Dominos, etc) were closed. I think it is due to the fact that they serve the lowest common denominator of clients. They are quick, cheap, and employ cheap labor. And I bet their staff fled town since their job was worth staying for. 
  • Second, the smaller and locally owned restaurants were all opened. And they were all PACKED! I think it is because they cater to local clients, have established themselves with the community, use fresher ingredients, and have a more dedicated staff that cared enough to stay and return as soon as possible. 
  • Third, every single liquor store in the city was open for business. I won't dwell of the social repercussions there. But it made for an interesting drive to work.

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