Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cold Tryouts

Barely above freezing this morning. Made for some very cold tryouts at the baseball field. Meg & Cousin Alex doing little drills for prospective coaches. All of us wrapped in thick jackets. My fingers growing numb. The girls ran the bases. Fielding some catches. Threw a runner out at first. Another week to learn the result. And then the season begins.

Afterwards, the gym. Back and biceps. Experimented with kettlebell swings. Then deadlifts. I hate deadlifts. Have to kick it up a notch. First triathlon approaching in April.

Picked up Valentine's Day cards and gifts for the kids and the bride. Weird having to compensate for changing ages and genders and feelings. Chocolates for the kids. Sushi for the bride. I bought myself a new hoodie. I think we'll all be happy. But that's always my plan.

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