Sunday, February 06, 2011

Liam's Doors & Casings

Two days of work crammed into one last day of my weekend. Better mood. Result of some minor victories. And some more sleep. Sleep always helps.

First up, the god-forsaken closet doors. I trimmed down a 1 x 6 x 6 and used it to shim up the gap between the bi-fold doors and the guide rails. One board wasn't enough. I bought three. Just in case. Trimmed down the second. And BEHOLD! The sumbitch was too big. There was not enough space for the doors, now. And then the gloom fell upon me.

At this point, I'm quite pissed. If one board is not enough, and two boards are too much, where does that leave me? Pulled down the second board. Searched for a replacement. None of my scrap boards were any thinner. Would I have to buy some thin plywood to cut and shape as a shim? And then I spotted the scraps from Liam's baseboards. Not exactly the right shape, but thinner than the other boards. And I could use the existing pieces without any cutting. The Gods of Woodworking blessed me. The baseboards worked! Nobody will ever know, either. Everything finally feel into place, and the sliding doors now slide.

With the final major change in place, I wrapped up the accent work. Starting with trimming out the closet. Went fairly well. Except I got frisky with the nail gun, and blew out the corner of one of the rosettes. Other than that, the closet went well.
Next on the list: the inside door, to the hallway. That one was a little tricky. The original casing was smaller. And when I removed it, it cracked. It also knocked the door off kilter a bit. I had to try to fix the alignment while getting it re-cased. Did the best job I could, but the door still doesn't close right. You have to lift the handle up so the clasp will hold. Can fix it, but should have done it right in the first place.

Last piece of the puzzle: case the exterior door. Finally, an easy project! Couple of cuts. Couple of nails. Boom. All done. Nothing clever or exceptional to report there.

With the plinths in place, I had to finish some of the baseboards. Just a couple of corrections. Maybe three cuts. Tacked those in place. Cleaned up the room. Took a shower. And called it a night.

Next weekend: sand the holes, apply the Spackle (tm), and sand the Spackle (tm) and wait for Troy to paint. At long last, all done!

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