Saturday, February 05, 2011

Slow Saturday

On the new agenda: lunch, pick up supplies, install supplies, celebrate. Missed my race. So that's off the schedule. Did not roll out of bed until nearly ten this morning. Off to a slow Saturday.

Forgot what we did for lunch. Followed it with a visit to (surprise!) Lowe's. Picked up: two bi-fold doors, eight strips of casing, plinths, rosettes, caulking, and paint for the trim. Barely had room for Liam once everything was loaded. He was wedged in there like a clam in a shell.

Swung by Blockbuster on the ride home. Their servers were down. I tried to fix them. Of course "them" turned out to be a DEC Alpha 233Mhz system (twice Meg's age!) with a blown power supply. But, hey, I tried!

Then the trouble began. Once I installed the rails for the doors (not an easy over-head task!) the gap between the rails and the floor was too big. Like a 3" space to span. So the doors couldn't not stay in place. And my mercury kept rising. Just undid my work, put everything away, and moped excessively.

Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible mood. Whole weekend a toxic trainwreck. No party. No race. Failed project. And after dark I had hours of research to do with Liam.

Let's just get this over with!

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