Saturday, May 03, 2014


My season may be done. Already. Can't keep denying the obvious. My left leg isn't right. Hasn't been since that one great run. Months ago.

Did a mock triathlon this afternoon. With Luke & Jack & Onnie. Swim was good. Felt strong. Finished in front. Bike was good. Felt strong. Finished in front. Run sucked. Only two miles. They were both disappointing and terrible.

Skipping Gulf Coast. Hoping to get my pass pushed to next year. Skipping Grandman. Likely skipping Sunfish. If a week, or two, of rest doesn't get me normal, there's an MRI in my future. And maybe get the knee scoped.

The worst part? My highest point, when the knee went sideways, was still slow. Only 9:15 per mile for a long run. Friends do 8 minute miles on their slow runs. Top guys do sub-six minute miles. And at 9:15 per mile, my machinery breaks down. That, my friends, is just sad.

So, maybe the season is done. Who knows? We'll have to see.

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