Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gulfport Music Festival 2014 - Day Two

With the rains gone, we returned to the Gulfport Music Festival in time to catch the end tail of Ying Yang Twins. Must more pleasant weather but a far thicker crowd. Everyone in a good mood, though. No trouble at any point, as far I could tell. Love & peace in South Mississippi.

We brought collapsible chairs and bottled water. Significantly more comfortable. Sitting on wet, muddy grass for half a dozen hours held little appeal. Lots of cloud cover. Mildly warm. Nice breeze off the gulf.

Then Cypress Hill took the stage. Followed by a cloud of less-than-legal smoke. Wild to hear songs from the late 80s and early 90s that haven't been in my head in years but the words come back without any coaxing. Favorite part of their show was the DJ. Liam's generation is all about sound boards and samples. Rare treat for him to hear real scratching. And DJ Muggs was is excellent form today.

Ludacris followed. Very interactive with the crowd. Did a run down of all his previous hits. Made light of the fact that the majority of his fans today were Southern white folk. How's that feel for him? Uncomfortable? Redeeming? Or perfectly normal? And this will seem weird but imagine my surprise to find myself singing bunches of his songs without ever realizing before now that they were Ludacris songs. Never thought to attribute so many of my favorites to him.

Closed out the night with Kid Rock. All-live music. Four guitars. Saxaphone. Violin. DJ. Crazy afro-ed drummer girl. And three backup singers. Started off with a prayer. Played his newest stuff. Then broke into the old classics.

Great way to end a very long day. Enjoyed the time out. Especially with Liam.

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