Sunday, May 18, 2014


First swim in two weeks. Over at Robinwood. Old faithful. Did four easy laps (just about a mile) in 40 minutes. Familiar faces: Luke, Jack & Onnie, Bob, Kristen, Rachel K, and Brian S. Different distances. Paces. Skills. And comforts. But everyone enjoying the water while it is still cool and bearable. Won't be long because the lake turns into a bathtub and we go back to the indoor pool.

Cindy was taking care of her mother. So the kids & Molly tagged along with me. Dog's first time in open water. She lived. Meg & Liam had fun. Cindy & her Mom survived their sodium & potassium adventures. Everyone continued training. And summer bites a little deeper on us all. 

Afterward, shirtless and recovering, Molly sat in the backyard with me. Listening to Pandora (from the little speaker on the left side.) Enjoying the breeze. And the sun. And the solitude of a fresh cut yard.

Amazing how much better a quiet day makes you feel. If only they could all be like this...

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