Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SERIES - True Detective

True Detective is a slow mellow groove. Best sampled in sips. Each of which can be considered and digested in small amounts. One at a time. 

The writing is smooth and extremely well polished. Acting that is nearly off the charts by most measure. Doubly so for a drama television series. Constantly challenging musical interludes. Gorgeous scenes with a touch of subtle effects. Excellent dialog. And a wonderfully slippery plot. But potentially the strongest characteristic is the minimalist, very purposeful and direct interaction between all of the characters. Nearly everyone is an anti-hero. And nobody escapes True Detective's gravity without a few scars. Inside or out. 

There are crimes to solve. Relationships to untangle. Villains to chase, or run from. Love. Violence. Sex. Pseudo supernatural elements. And more riddles asked than are ever answered. 

If you have the opportunity. Watch it. If you don't have the opportunity, make one. True Detective is that damn good. 

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