Friday, April 20, 2007

All These Sick Ladies

My Grandmother finally went to the doctor. Turns out that she had double pneumonia. She is back on the road to recovery and well beyond the worst of it. But the fact remains that she's an eighty one year old lady who battled a major illness with only her spirit and her determination to help her through it.

My Mother has a sinus infection. She's coughing and congested and barely recognizable on the phone. Of course she resisted going to the doctor for a couple of days. She thought she'd get past it on her own.
Finally caved in and sought help. She's got meds, now. On her own road to recovery.

Cindy's trying to figure out what is creeping over her. She's getting lethargic and headachy. Moody. But nothing specific that we can pinpoint as the problem. Just a lot of stray symptoms.

Thankfully, I'm good. The children are good, too. Just have to find cures for all these sick ladies in my life.

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