Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Whirlwind

As I was riding to the property yesterday, I saw a whirlwind. A thin, wispy thing wobbling across field of cotton. Dust devil some would call it. Whirlwind, I call it.

And my day was just like that: Brunched with Candy from Las Vegas. Putting faces to names and talking about our adventures on different sides of the screen. Had to re-evaluate the property's hardware. Found some servers the likes of which belong in a Dell museum, not a production network. Suffered through setback after setback with the conversion, almost always the result of a miscalculation by DBAs two thousand miles away. And MY GOD the thunderstorms that swept through and rocked the building. Bison for dinner. I fine fine dinery, but we were wearing our work close and having too many drinks.

All of it leaving my head spinning.

A whirlwind.

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