Friday, April 13, 2007


Work brought about another bombshell outage. Nearly half my day spent on a conference call. Listening to people fix the symptoms of a problem rather than actually finding and resolving the cause of the problem.

For those not in the know, the nuclear option for resolving complex enterprise outages is to shutdown all the servers and bring them up again. We did that. Twice. It did resolve the problem, but nobody knows exactly what we fixed by rebooting everything. Business as usual, it seems.

Afterwards, Cindy and I spent some quiet time together. Just the two of us. Ended up at High Cotton Grill, down the street. Me sipping Grey Goose & Cranberry, gnawing on spicy chicken wings. Cindy picking through a salad and some angry shrimp.

One of those, "rekindle the romance" things that old couples do a few times a year. An attempt to relive the days of yore when we would go out and laugh and drink and talk for hours about ourselves and the future and flirt and try to prolong the wait until we could go home and do what new couples do. But we don't drink much any more. We mostly complain about the smoke and the noise and Cindy recognizes people she knew 25yrs ago. We certainly don't flirt. We do laugh. And we do talk about the future, for our children. But anything remotely resembling romance is out the door.

I've come to discover that we should stick with raising children. Romance is outdated.

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