Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fight night

Rolled to the gym this morning. One of the best workouts in a while. Shoulders and legs. I think whatever bug had nestled in my depths has fled. Not really pushing myself. Just happy to be able get through a set without forcing myself to bang out each rep.

Feeling much better, today.

Cindy let me out of the house for a couple of hours tonight. I went to "Blood And Sand" at the Coliseum. A mixed martial arts even for local fighters. Had guys from Slidell and Hattiesburg, and of course the local gym. Seemed like the place was packed. The ring looked small in real life. Everyone drinking beer and yelling, "Choke him out!" The first few matches flew. But the fights were GREAT! Mostly tapouts. Mostly armbars. (See above.) A couple of rear-naked-chokes. I'm sure there is much I could say about modern man needing such primitive stimulus. Twenty first century and my favorite form of entertainment is watching two greasy, muscled-up gladiators square up against one another in a steel cage. Lights up the ancient, reptilian remnants of my forebrain like a disco ball.

Nothing satiates the need for violence like watching a good old fashioned ass kicking. Even better when it is several hours of it. Not sure how many matches there were, but we didn't roll out until just after eleven.

I'll sleep well, tonight.

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