Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Winter approaches

Cold. Cold! COLD!

Did I mention how could it was this morning? I could barely get out from under work in time to catch the limo to the airport. The conversion finished something like 18 hours late. I was SUPPOSED to leave last night. I didn't. I stayed and tried to tie up some of the many loose ends.

Just before lunch, Keith and I grabbed a couple of burgers, checked out our luggage, and dashed for the limo. We both drew air through our closed teeth when we hit the bitter air outside the hotel. BAM! Like a wall of invisible ice against my face. Isn't it APRIL? Aren't we thundering toward summer? Shouldn't I be safe from frostbite?

Fortunately the limo was warm. Our plane was on time. And we had first class seats.

Unfortunately, once I get home and hug the kids and kiss the wife, I have to pack pack pack and pack. No rest for the weary. Especially as winter approaches!

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