Monday, April 16, 2007

In Line For Tickets

Meg has a ballet recital in a few weeks. We, as parents, have to buy tickets to the event. And it is reserved seating. So when it comes time to buy tickets, it is an epic adventure. Usually I luck out and Cindy goes. Today she was working. I had to take the kids and wait in line. For, oh... just two hours. Two hours of being the only male in a cluster of angry, frustrated, constantly-complaining Soccer Moms.

"It gets worse every year."

"They never do it right."

"This is ridiculous!"

I'm with you, ladies. But complain is only wasting your time and burning my brain cells.

So, I suffered in silence. The outcome would not have changed anything.

In the meanwhile, my Grandmother is feeling under the weather. She doesn't want to go to the doctor. She refuses when my Mother or my Aunt Susan offer to take her. She says Sears is coming to install some new counter tops in the kitchen, and she wants to be ready for them.

Then, Liam finished Tom Sawyer today. A first grader reading Mark Twain? What will he be up to in 10 years?

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