Monday, April 09, 2007

Well again

Cindy stayed at the hospital over night. She is going to stay again. They are pumping her full of intravenous potassium and oral supplements. Her MRI and EKG read normal. So the current theory is that she caught a stomach virus from Meg (who was sick last week) and the lack of food combined with frequent bathroom visits caused her potassium levels to drop.

When I say drop, it is something of an understatement. Her level was so low that it almost reached a point where her heart could stop beating.

Several years ago, the media fixated on the Terri Schiavo case, where a husband was allowed to turn off life support for his catatonic wife, even though her parents wanted to keep her alive and wanted to care for her. I mention it because Terri Schiavo had bulimia which produced a potassium imbalance which in turn caused a cardiac arrest. The lack of oxygenated blood caused brain damage, pushing her into a catatonic state, and ultimately resulted in the Right To Life case that engulfed the nation. If her potassium had gone lower, Cindy could have followed in Terri's wake.

We hope it is under control, now. We're tired. We want to be past this. It is sad to when you pray for health. I don't know what the next phone call will bring. But I tell the kids to be strong. That Mommy is coming home soon. And she will be well again. I hope I'm not lying.

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