Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big Burger Time

Liam and I stopped by Burger King for lunch. He tried a double meat Big Kid's meal. I tried a Loaded Steakhouse Burger.

Liam ate his ENTIRE BURGER. Two big ol' patties. Washed it down with a Sprite and some fries. He actually finished before I did, too. Very proud of that kid. He's growing up to be a fine, strapping carnivore.

A few comments about my Loaded Steakhouse Burger:

  • It was indeed loaded! Jam packed with bacon, crunchy little onion strings, A1 Steaksauce, and mashed potatoes. MASHED POTATOES! I took a photo to prove it!
  • Easily the best fast food burger I've EVER had. It had all the food groups and a zingy dash of flavor from the A1.
  • Unlike every other burger available today, IT FILLED ME UP! I couldn't believe it. I was stuffed. And I didn't have any fries or soda. Just the burger and all its glory.
Bottom line: super double extra nummy. Very satisfying on every scale. I highly recommend it to any male that is looking for a truly challenging burger. Try it.You won't be disappointed.

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