Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Olde House - Bathroom Walls Grouted

Made a discovery today. A couple of them, actually. First, I don't like getting dirty. Second, when grouting walls, about half of the grout ends up on your body. Third, I don't like grouting walls.

That being said, I grouted the bathroom walls. Incredibly filthy work. I was regretting it after the first minute. For every inch of grout on the wall, there was an inch on my legs or on my hands or in the tub or on the floor. Trying to keep it clean wasn't an option as it doubled the amount of time I spent on the project.

Cindy contributed some muscle this time. I'd put down the grout, smoosh between the tiles, and wipe off the big chunks. Then Cindy would step up and clean off the little stuff. While her role was less messy, she had to three times as many passes over the tiles. It gave me a slight respite to clean up the rest of the mess outside and in the bathroom. It also gave me peace of mind to know that she was putting some skin in the game. Maybe she could appreciate the effort more knowing what it takes to get the job done.

End of the night, the grout was all done and everything was cleaned. Next step, "sealing" the grout.

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