Friday, July 04, 2008

A Childless Holiday

Our last vacation without the children was when Liam was a wee baby. Back then, we went to Disney World with our buddies Chris and Christie. Since then, we have either taken the kids with us, or just not gone anywhere. So for the first time this century, we set out on our own.

We left around eleven, detoured to Mobile, AL, shopped at Kohl's, and went looking for lunch. After we married, Cindy and I moved to Mobile. We both tried Chinese food for the first time there. And we went looking for our old favorite: China Doll. But when we get there, it is empty. They're closed for the holiday! As we cruise around looking elsewhere, most of the rest of the city is closed, too. Fortunately, we found an open Panera Bread. But we were sad that we wouldn't get to revisit the first place we ever tried Chinese.

Finally, we made it into Destin, FL, and found our resort: Baytowne Warf. Beautiful property. Recently built, in 2002, and very well tended. The staff was great. The entire facility was extremely clean and intuitive to explore. Full of little shops and bars and eateries. Lots of families with young kids. Lots of Northern accents. It reminded us of Disney World. Especially the little trams we could take from place to place. Yet even with all the amenities, it wasn't overly expensive. And (thankfully!) it wasn't remotely crowded.

Eventually, we caught up with Kim "AlphaDawg" Hall and his lady. Things rapidly got blurry. We had some drinks (one strong margarita and Cindy was loopy) then ate then walked around the marina then drank some more then hung stretched out some blankets on a lawn and hung out to watch fireworks.We just caught up and compared notes and drank. In the background, some annoying local band was playing. A longwinded guitarist, a shrill violinists gal, and an unspeaking drummer. Not the best entertainment on the trip. But very refreshing to be with other adults and not have to worry about getting back home any time soon.

Just after 9PM, the resort set off their firework show. Muuuuch different than the $40 show I put on last night. A lot of aerial bombs and some thunderous explosions. Some very forgetful music. A lot of ooohs and aaahs. Throw in a smooth buzz. It was all good.

Tired from the trip and the excess delights, we parted ways and drifted back to our rooms. Resting up for tomorrow.

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