Friday, July 25, 2008

MindSpring Revisited - Lisa Mooty

I've been remiss in my posting duties as of late. I can only blame my non-stop work on the house, working on a side project, and an usual burst of activity at my day-job. However, I've returned with another update on a long, long amiga: Lisa Mooty.

She sent the following peeks inside her world:

  • How were you involved with MindSpring? In a lot of different ways, starting as a tech support rep and ending as a network operations center reporting analyst. Most people who remember me at all probably remember me as the Atlanta tech support trainer, because I met so many folks that way. My favorite job was NOC engineer.
  • What was one of your favorite adventures at MindSpring? I can't remember any specific adventure as standing out from the rest, but I do remember the sense of camraderie. Watching the lights in the data center blink was cool, too.
  • Share a memorable event from MindSpring? The old family reunions! I think I met Jon McDougal for the first time at the one in Birmingham.
  • What is something other SpringHeads might not have known about you in those days? Gosh, I kind of let it all hang out, so I can't imagine that there's stuff folks didn't know!
  • Why did you part ways with MindSpring? It had grown and changed so much (and so had I) that I wanted something different. Well, that was true the second time I left. The first time, I was just excited someone wanted me to work somewhere else with them.
  • What are you up to these days? Just started working for the State Department and will be posted to the Philippines in September.
  • Did you learn any lessons at MindSpring that you still carry with you? It's better to come clean and say you don't know something or own up to a mistake than to try to cover it up.
Ah, memories. Seems like a century ago that I was checking the daily null modem report and running you Waffle House at 0200 for what we loosely termed: breakfast. I miss you, Lisa. Thanks for playing and good luck on your new adventures!

Another update coming next week. Stay tuned.

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Eeek! Just now saw this entry! Thanks for posting about me...