Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prolo plus seven weeks

Almost two months after my prolotherapy injections.

Five weeks of physical therapy.

I feel great! And I'm very happy with the results.

As a refresher, my initial complaint was a constant pain in my right shoulder (an area called the anterior deltoid.) It would get worse after I went to the gym. The pain would diminish if I didn't work out, but it never vanished on its own.

Doctor Benson diagnosed a torn rotator cuff and gave me a dozen or so shots in the deltoid and bicep. Within three days, I had no more pain. And I've had none ever since.

I finished my last round of physical therapy today. She recommends one more dive under the needle, to get prolotherapy directly in top of the rotator cuff.

I'm still having some trouble with my rotator cuff, across the very top. (Not in an area that Doctor Benson injected.) If I carry something heavy (a 50lb bucket of mortar for example) with just my right arm, I get a mild sensation of my shoulder being stretched and some weakness in the area .

So on August 13th, I go back for round two. If I have as much success as I did with my first experience, I should be good by September, Maybe this time I can get video?

Anyway. Back to the needle. Once more into the breach.

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