Monday, July 14, 2008

This Olde House - Bathroom Walls Tiled

So the walls in the bathroom finally went up. Green board ("Why is it called Green board when it is yellow?" Cindy asked multiple times) with cement board around the shower. On top of THAT, Cindy decided to put 6" x 6" Brazilian stone tiles.

I borrowed a tile saw from a co-worker, mixed the mortar and went to town. Grimly boring stuff. Staggered the different levels of tile. Thankfully the edges were rough and I didn't have to make laser sharp lines. The back wall kept tormenting me. The wall isn't perfectly square. From the top of the tile to the bottom, by the tub, it loses an entire inch. Kept having to compensate. A constant challenge to make everything line up with my eye, rather than with a ruler and a level. The eye was right. The measurements (though they were right) looked badly angled. Thankfully, only one wall was off. The other two were fairly true, and didn't put up as much of a struggle.

Did I mention I had a helper? Miss Meg joined me several times. I'd cut the lines and she'd wash off the debris. I think she mainly enjoyed playing with the water more than helping her Daddy. But she was a great helper and it made the time pass somewhat quicker.

Ended up working until 10:30P. I stopped short of finishing the whole thing because my hands stopped working. I was having problems focusing. And since I knew there was still an hour of cleaning to do, we called it a night before laying the last line across the top.

Still have that final row. And then the grout. Also going to use some longer, bull-nosed tile for the baseboards. And a thin line along edge, where the shower meets regular, painted wall. And I'll find time to seal it. One day.

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