Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This Olde House - Bathroom Updates

Several small steps toward finishing our little bathroom. It is very encouraging to see so much getting completed and knowing we're almost there.

First, the electrical is done. My father was able to wire up the new electrical outlet (far right) and it is a GFC, unlike the original. He also tied in the new light (up top) and it is independent of the outlet, unlike the original. And he put in the dual switch (left) for the new vent/fan. Everything came together nicely and I'm super impressed with how much lemonade Dad made out of my lemons.

Second, the walls are up and the mud is pulled down. I had a new guy (George) work on it. He did a great job getting everything hung and he did it much quicker than I would have, but he didn't finish the job. Fortunately, all I really have to do is sand down the excess. And that's not a big task. I should have it smoothed in a couple of hours this weekend. Also have to add some additional cement boards, to take the tile higher than we initially thought, but that shouldn't be an issue, either. Measure twice, cut once, dozen screws later, and I'm done.

Finally, just today, we installed the new vent/light in the ceiling. I crawled up in the attic and tackled it from the top, while Dad climbed on a chair and tackled it from the bottom. Nearly two hours in the poorly-vented attic, in very cramped quarters, stretched prone on ancient insulation, under the hot July sun. I was super thrilled to get the unit in place and show Cindy that it was working. But it was an arduous task. And it was only made possible with my father's help. I'm going to put some CFC bulbs and then put on the ultra-cool cover.

Still to do:
  • Sand the walls - on Friday
  • Tile the floor - on Saturday
  • Tile the walls - on Sunday
  • Paint the walls - next week
  • Put in the fixtures - next Saturday
  • Put on the new door - next Sunday

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