Friday, May 14, 2010

End Of The Week

Wrapped up an extremely tiring week with chest & triceps at the gym. Did 260lbs x 6 on my fourth set. Look, I know I'm a clown. My records aren't records anywhere except in my mind. But for a nearly-forty, full time computer dork, I think I put in a serious effort. By my previous standards, for sure. I veto getting older. I opt to get better.

Anyway, two corp IT amigos were in town from Las Vegas. I never once made it home before 6PM. I'm working my normal glut of issues, a missing coworkers issues, and delving into problems which have risen the ire of the corporate team. I need a week off to recover. I won't ever get it.

Dinner with Cindy and Mom and Jason and the kids tonight, at  Juan's, in Long Beach. Liam tried and declined buffalo wings for the first time. Mom burned her finger. Jason arrived for the last quarter of the meal, but I was glad to see him. And Meg had Fried Ice Cream. Good times. Family times. Enjoying them while they last.

A long weekend. At least I'm never bored.

Sleep beckons.

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