Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tri Training - Week One - Swimming

A confession. Outside of survival purposes, I do not swim. Never had the need nor the desire. But to prepare for a future triathlon, I swam laps last night. Ugly, pitiful ones. A pale, pudgy, 39yr old computer jockey flailing through the water in a long pair of skin-tight Spandex trunks. More of a spectacle than a swimmer. 

Despite my frightening appearance, glaring imperfections and sloppy mechanics, I didn't really care if anyone was watching. Or laughing. I gave it my best effort. Almost two hours of effort. Thankfully my instructor was more patient than I was, and helped me move towards the proper form I should be using. I'm nowhere close. But I can only improve between now and July 10th.

My conclusion? Swimming sucks. I doubt any races are won by perfect swimming. I have to work up to 600m. That is down and back (a lap) twelve times. I can do it. Or die trying.

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