Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not The Same

My, my, my, that whole thing sucked. But, I did it.

Running, actual jogging in my case, is not the same as spending time on an elliptical machine. I can grind out a 5K on the elliptical without too much grief. But today, I ran. No machine. Did two miles in twenty four minutes. Had to fight for every stride after the first mile. But I did it. And I have 10 weeks to train for one more mile.

Also noticed that I'm back up to 199lbs. From 195lbs a couple of weeks ago. Have to blame my lack of attention to my diet and a LOT of Mexican food as of late. High calorie. High fat stuff. Just scarfed it all down with no regard to consequences.

I'm heading back to Daily Burn to track everything. Cut back on the Mexican food. Shift my training into high gear for the triathlon. Extend my running. Add swimming. Add biking. I can hit 185. It'll happen.

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Unknown said...

Daily Burn eh? I'll have to check it out. I had been using SparkPeople and was moderately successful with it.