Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation 2010

The kids "graduated" today. Somehow, they had back to back ceremonies. Helped diminish the burden on my schedule.

Meg went first. She made it to the rank of top three readers in her class. Was awarded the "Most Creative Writer" award. And was awarded "Super Reader - 10." At the end of second grade, she's reading on a sixth grade level. Very very proud of our baby girl and gave her some spending money for all her efforts.

4th grade went next. And by some trick of the light, Liam went first for his class. He received top reader in his class. And #3 reader in the whole fourth grade. Then he gets the "Bill Nye Science Award," and makes the honor roll. Proud of that kid. At the end of fourth grade, he's reading at an ELEVENTH grade reading level. He absolutely 0wnz. Gave him some spending money, too.

Cindy and I are truly blessed. Both of my kids are MUCH smarter than I was at their ages. Both have huge potential and make us proud on a daily basis. They're bright, glaring lights that steer me through my storms. With them in it, my life is complete.

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