Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ink On The Inside

Party at work today. Second Anniversary of the opening of our Customer Care Center. Good people. Good times. Lots of food. (I ate a bit.) Lots of soda. (I drank none.) Rock Band. (I played Bass.) And plenty of temporary tattoos. I insisted on a RHCP logothingy. Plus some knuckle ink that reads: THUG LIFE when I made angry-computer-dork fists and threatened to delete your email. That'll learn ya.

Won a couple of rounds of Name That Tune from the late 80s. Standy, by R.E.M. and Turn This Motha Out, by McHammer earned some prizes for the kids. Of course, I left them at work. So there's a spiky pink ball and a spiky blue ball waiting when I return.

Had fun with the RHCP  tattoo. From a distance, it fooled the eye. Of course I'd never have the sack to get such a visible one. I wear my ink on the inside, away from prying eyes.

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