Monday, May 03, 2010

Oil Updates

Our thirteenth day. Some dead fish in LA. Couple of questionable sea turtles over here. No oil on our beaches. But there's a ten day ban on commercial fishing. Tourism already suffering, too. Hotel cancellations. Won't improve any time soon.

BP is using "dispersants" to break down the oil. But I don't trust that stuff. Let's use potentially toxic chemicals to clean up an already deadly oil spill?

No luck with the robots, thus far. Nothing is shut off. Still spewing 200,000 gallons per day. Short term solution is likely stillborn.

A steel-and-concrete sleeve is supposed to be in place this weekend. In theory, it will collect the oil from one of the three pipes and funnel it into a vessel of some sort. The technique has worked before. But not at five thousand feet. Odd physics going on there. I don't have much faith it will go as planned.

The long term solution? Unimaginably distant. It can't come to that...

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