Monday, January 02, 2012

12 Changes For 2012 - #1 - Be Active

Friends and family who haven't seen me in a couple of years sometimes ask: what have I been doing to get in better shape? So,I figured I'd start the New Year by offering 12 tips for changes that you could try in 2012.

The first is also the most subjective and abstract: BE ACTIVE!

But, what does that mean? It really is up to you. However, it will almost always mean you have to do more than you're doing now. The main thing to remember is: doing something is always better than doing nothing. If you're really doing nothing, just start off simple. Get out of your comfort zone a little. Get your heart rate up. Sweat a little. And you should do your activity three times a week.

When I was starting, I would hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes. At first I'd only go a couple of miles. I'd sweat like crazy. By the end of the run, I'd be out of breath and completely ready to quit. Three times a week was brutal. But eventually I was able to go more than three miles. Moved on to the elliptical. Then the indoor track. And these days (years later!) I run outdoors several times a week and I'm training for a half marathon.

I took it slow. I made gradual progress. I kept raising my goals. And I continually tried to push through my perceived limits. For me, that is being active. You're mileage may vary.  But keep it simple at first. And do something rather than nothing.

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