Friday, January 27, 2012

Marathon Training - Update #4

Almost a week since I ran. Been icing and soaking each day. Still feel a twinge of pain just from walking around the house. Not nearly as bad as the rest of the week, though. Could barely walk on Monday. Both legs hurting as if I were moving on broken legs. By Wednesday I was able to keep a normal walking pace. But I still feel an odd weakness in my calves. And my right foot turns oddly, as if the toes are wanting to go further to the outside.

Easily the most pain I've had since I started training. Guess it was "shin splints." Which is a generic term, of course. Pretty much means: "pain below the knee and above the ankle." Suggestions included: changing my shoes, odd stretches before and after bed, and compression socks.

Not sure when I'll be able to run again. Thinking it might be at least another week.

If only I hadn't run on that cement...

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