Sunday, January 08, 2012

12 Changes For 2012 - #6 - Decisive Change

We are creatures of habit. Some more-so than others. I have my morning routine. A certain seating arrangement when eating. Specific pockets for keys and wallet and phone. Such things help to grease the cogs behind our eyes. Make our lives easier, if only slightly.

But the human condition which discourages change is a double-edged sword. We not only stick to those things which work for us, we also cling tenaciously to those things which work against us, things which make our lives less easier.

Think of those people in your life who complain about the same thing every day. Year after year. Doing nothing to fix their issues, except complaing to you. What about your friends who make the same bad decisions, over and over. Again and again. Always with the same bad results. But don't we all have some kind of painful compulsion we chase in endless circles? Some more-so than others.

Today's suggested change could be one of the most difficult ones, but also potentially the most rewarding: Look at your life, find something that is broken, and make a decisive change to fix it. Start small. Very small. The easiest of changes you could make. But make it, and stick to it. Even if nobody notices. Even if it doesn't have any impact on your life. At least you'll know you made one change in your life. And if you can make that one, you can make another. And many more.

But today's suggested change isn't about restructuring every element in your life. And it is not about making an impossibly-long list of things you'll start doing differently tomorrow. It is about picking something that does not contribute toward your happiness, and deciding what other thing will make you happier. Break the endless cycle of knowing what is broken while doing nothing to fix it. Stop complaining. Start changing.

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