Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Marathon Training - Update #1

A personal milestone on Saturday: ran 10K. With Luke & Brendan from Run N Tri. A big empty subdivision. Going in loops for an hour and seven minutes. 6.70 miles in all. 10:08 min per mile. Fog was so thick I had to run without my glasses. Felt pretty good, but I was on fumes by the end. Nine weeks until the event in New Orleans and I'll need to add a mile each week to my long runs.

But as proud as I was of my run on Saturday, I'm disappointed by my run tonight. Was only going to do a short one, 5K. But my calves were full of concrete by the first mile and my pace fell off significantly. By 4K, I was clenching my teeth and forcing my legs to move. The pain and tightness was completely unmanageable and I called it quits at 2.6 miles, averaging more than 12 minutes on what distance I did manage to cover.

Don't know what happened. Maybe it was residual effects from the Mexican food yesterday? Maybe not enough stretching? Maybe the colder weather? Or the lack of running partners? Not sure.

Supposed to run 4 miles tomorrow and 3 on Thursday. But I'm going to skip tomorrow and try to cover 4 miles on Thursday. Hopefully I perform better next time. If not, I'll be looking for suggestions.

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