Monday, February 02, 2009

MindSpring Revisited - Nahum Nicholas

While I was in the NOC, Nahum was in Network Engineering. (NetEng.) They used to pawn of all the worst projects on her and she'd swing by to get some solutions to problems nobody else wanted to tackle. She toughed it out every time and climbed out from under a pile of projects that would have crippled most other folks.

I recently swapped emails with Nahum and she had the following updates:

* How were you involved with MindSpring?
First as receptionist, then customer service, then provisioning coordinator then as configuration management specialist.

* What was one of your favorite adventures at MindSpring?
The Friday afternoon parking deck beer parties.

* Share a memorable event from MindSpring?
Company meetings with Charles' dogs and guitar.

* What are you up to these days?
Work: Application Security Project Manager at AT&T
Home: Tucker, GA, remodeling my house

* Did you learn any lessons at MindSpring that you still carry with you?
The CV&Bs

*Most fun part about working at MindSpring?
McQ's feelings about work attire: "If you can make it to work without being arrested, then you can wear it to work."

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