Saturday, February 14, 2009

MOVIE: The Contract

Not sure where I got the recommendation for The Contract. It is a movie about a mercenary (Morgan Freeman) that botches a job and during his reparations gets involved with a sullen school teacher (John Cusack) and his sullen son (Jamie Anderson.)

Was supposed to be good. Was supposed to be powerful. Couple of big name actors in it. Middling sized budget. Powerful acting. Different plot. Etc, etc. But it rapidly turned out to be a massive, steaming pile of regurgitated Hollywood sewage.

Here's the problem: it was the scientific definition of the word: trite. Horribly written. Poorly conceived. Not an original or BELIEVABLE moment in it. I spent the first thirty minutes trying (TRYING!) to stomach the horror of it. It kept getting gradually worse. Crap on top of crap. I don't know which high school drama teacher wrote it, but I had to abandon The Contract before the mid-way point. An even lower-point for Morgan Freeman than the bowel shaking Feast Of Love. Cusack's worst movie evah! (Okay, I briefly forgot about Con Air.)

So, I didn't finish it. Wouldn't suggest it for anything other than a break-up date. Wouldn't subject even orphans to it. And I'll flip the channel when this comes on SpikeTV in the next six months.

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