Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Project Closer: Before and Afters and Tool Reviews

My buddy Fred over at One Project Closer just announced that once again this Summer they'll be running a big Before and After Event to support Habitat for Humanity.  Same as last year, here's the concept:  bloggers (and regular folks too) submit their best Before and After pictures and a story of a renovation they did on their own home.  Each week, One Project Closer will choose two winners and give each of them a $25 gift card to the home improvement store of their choice (gifts are yet to be finalized, but this is the minimum).  Plus, they'll make a $25 donation for each winning entry to Habitat for Humanity in the name of the winner.  At the end of the Summer, the community will vote for a winner who will receive a yet-to-be-named Grand Prize.  It's sure to be good and I hope you'll participate for a lot of fun and to support a good cause.

If you haven't heard of One Project Closer before, they run all sorts of articles, including tool reviews (like this one on the tools required to lay hardwood floors, and another one on an inexpensive refurbished bostitch pneumatic nailer kit that is about $100 off the retail version of the same).  They also run posts daily about the work they're doing around their house, in the community, and online.  It's a good read all around.

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Anonymous said...

Jon, thanks for posting this and letting everyone know about our event!