Sunday, February 08, 2009

MOVIE: Fragile (aka Frágiles)

Not a big fan of horror movies. Even artisticly created ones. Fragile (aka Frágiles) didn't do much to change my mind.

It is the story of Amy Nicholls (Calista Flockhart,) a pediatric nurse who lands a new job where she finds herself having to protect the children from chaotic, unexpected attacks by an unknown villain. Some detective work. Children's scream. Apparitions. A couple of people wind up getting snuffed out in clever manners. And a floppy denouement to seal the deal.

Maybe fans of the genre will like it more than I did. I didn't think it had many redeeming qualities. The plot wasn't too bad, but did drag. The writing had a touch of originality but fell short of impressive. Effects were interesting. Had a grainy, antique look to it. Dialog was pretty trite. Very canned. And aside from one or two fleeting moments, the horror factor was on par with opening a can of old chili.

Maybe a decent date for teens. Almost watered down enough for younger kids. Horror fans find it worth renting in between episodes of Saw. I'm surprised that I actually watched the whole thing. Guess I'm just a glutton.

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