Sunday, February 01, 2009

MOVIE: The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd is based on a John Le Carre novel. And it is one of the best adaptations of a book that I've seen in a while.

In the film, Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) believes in America. And he sacrifices everything he loves to protect it, even his relationship with his wife (Angela Jolie.) Though the true depth of their marriage is questionable at best. And I'd hazard to say that that Edward had no real relations outside of work. It's his whole world. Everything else is a distraction.

Damon does a fantastic job through out the whole film. One of his most powerful performances to date. Great direction from De Niro. He unfolded the story gracefully, with a purpose. Very good writing. And great dialog. It all comes together in the end.

Possibly a good date movie, though it isn't for a light mood. Not for the kids. Great rental. Certainly a dude flick.

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